Nickle Pick: Catherine Mortensen, Antique Carpet and Textile Specialist

I sourced this kilim in Istanbul in the late 90’s from father and son textile dealers who were traveling in Central Asia collecting carpets, kilims and textiles following the breakup of the Soviet Union. This kilim comes from a group of Uzbek textiles that are strip woven, warp faced and are often referred to by […]

Nickle Picks: Leeanne Morrow, Associate University Librarian

When thinking about Nickle Galleries my thoughts always take me to my first experience in their collection as an undergraduate completing an Art History degree at U of C around 2000. I had been introduced to the work of Janet Mitchell, a Calgary artist, in a class I had taken on Canadian art history. I […]

Nickle Picks: Mia Riley, 2016 intern, Nickle Galleries

News, Weather & Sports, 2020, Dan Hudson Video and sound installation (NG.2011.001.000) My favourite piece from the collection has to be Dan Hudson’s News, Weather and Sports. In early 2016 I had the amazing fortune of interning at Nickle Galleries and following graduation (BFA, 2016, AUArts) I relocated to Canmore, AB. During my internship this […]

Nickle Picks: Chelsea Rushton, 2015 Intern, Nickle Galleries

Three days after the pandemic was announced, I saw a rainbow from end to end, like a miracle in a terrifying storm. Then I saw a rainbow chalked onto the sidewalk, painted onto a window, another, another. Rainbows are being shared widely as symbols of hope in this time of collective and existential turmoil. I […]

Nickle Picks: Heather Leier, Dept of Art; Nickle Galleries’ Collections Committee

It was a huge challenge to pick a favourite out of the Nickle’s extensive collection! Some of my favourites include recent acquisitions from Jude Griebel, Robin Arseneault, and Lyndal Osborne, however in the end, I have chosen Liz Ingram’s, etching; drypoint; chine collé; digital print, titled Symbiosis. Technically, this print is a great example of […]

Nickle Picks: Marla Halsted, Front End Manager, Nickle Galleries

I love how Shelley transforms beads into a recognisable painting of a place so dear to Albertans. The use of beads and light to reproduce the beauty that is Lake Louise, truly makes this one of my favorites in the Nickle Collection.     See more Nickle collections, here!

Nickle Picks: Lisa Tillotson, Registrar, Nickle Galleries

There are many reasons why this print is one of my favourite works in the collection: Collections Managers always lament the lack of storage, so of course I will choose something flat and easy to store, no big complicated sculptures for me! The all white palette makes it simple and minimalist, but the embossing has […]

Nickle Picks: Marina Fischer, Numismatic Specialist, Nickle Galleries

Money. When we think of money our thoughts wander off to the endless bills and payments, but what we often consciously overlook though, is money’s deep connection with our memories, cultures and identities. So, when it comes to an artistic exploration of those issues, Kari Woo’s Mary is a true gem, full of clues and […]

Nickle Picks: Christine Sowiak, Nickle Galleries Chief Curator

Pick just one work as a personal highlight from the collections? That is such a challenge for me. I have so many favourites, accumulated over many years of exhibitions and acquisitions by artists that I respect, admire and have built friendships with. There are remarkable works of art within this collection dedicated primarily to representing […]

Nickle Picks: Don Sucha, Nickle Chief Preparator, 1980-2009

Those of us who work in art galleries and museums are privileged in our appreciation of the works of art in our collections. Privileged in ways which members of our viewing publics are not. Our experience with these works of art are more intimate. We can hold the works in our hands and experience their […]