Nickle Picks:  Leeanne Morrow, Associate University Librarian

Nickle Picks: Leeanne Morrow, Associate University Librarian

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When thinking about Nickle Galleries my thoughts always take me to my first experience in their collection as an undergraduate completing an Art History degree at U of C around 2000. I had been introduced to the work of Janet Mitchell, a Calgary artist, in a class I had taken on Canadian art history. I was immediately captivated by her work. I had an assignment for a contemporary art class and was encouraged to choose any contemporary artist I wanted to explore. I knew I would write about Janet. I learned the Nickle had a piece in their collection. I contacted them and booked an appointment to see it. This was my first time getting up close and personal with Janet’s work. I remember the Curator pulling out the drawer and there in front of me was ‘Carnival’! The faces, the almost electric movement and the vibrant colour! I was overwhelmed not only by the piece itself but by the fact that the Nickle let an undergraduate student have such an intimate experience with a masterpiece. I said to myself right there that day, when I was a true adult, I would own my own Janet Mitchell. Fast forward to Levis Auction April 14, 2019 and ‘Happy Cats’, watercolour on paper, was mine!
Carnival, 1963, Janet Mitchell
Gouche on paper
55 x 35.2 cm
Leeanne Morrow with Janet Mitchell’s ‘Untitled – Happy Cats,’ 1970, Media watercolour on paper, 11.25 x 13.75 in.


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