Nickle Picks: Mia Riley, 2016 intern, Nickle Galleries

Nickle Picks: Mia Riley, 2016 intern, Nickle Galleries

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News, Weather & Sports, 2020, Dan Hudson
Video and sound installation

My favourite piece from the collection has to be Dan Hudson’s News, Weather and Sports. In early 2016 I had the amazing fortune of interning at Nickle Galleries and following graduation (BFA, 2016, AUArts) I relocated to Canmore, AB. During my internship this work was up in the Galleries and I frequently would go out of my way to look at it. The looping passage of time over Canmore’s Quarry Lake and newscast static of the piece was mesmerizing, and I would often fantasize about placing myself into the scene. When I think of this work, I think of how far I have come since my internship in terms of realizing my dreams of moving to the mountains, securing residencies at the Banff Centre (where this piece was partially produced), and dedicating myself to work in the arts. I continue to admire Dan Hudson’s prolificness as an artist and his ability to connect with people and capture moments in time.

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