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Nickle Picks: Heather Leier, Dept of Art; Nickle Galleries’ Collections Committee

It was a huge challenge to pick a favourite out of the Nickle’s extensive c …

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Nickle Picks: Marla Halsted, Front End Manager, Nickle Galleries

I love how Shelley transforms beads into a recognisable painting of a place …

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Nickle Picks: Lisa Tillotson, Registrar, Nickle Galleries

There are many reasons why this print is one of my favourite works in the c …

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Nickle Picks: Marina Fischer, Numismatic Specialist, Nickle Galleries

Money. When we think of money our thoughts wander off to the endless bills …

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Nickle Picks: Christine Sowiak, Nickle Galleries Chief Curator

Pick just one work as a personal highlight from the collections? That is su …

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Nickle Picks: Don Sucha, Nickle Chief Preparator, 1980-2009

Those of us who work in art galleries and museums are privileged in our app …

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