VIRTUAL – What is Money?

What is Money? is the newest virtual exhibition of pre-coinage currencies from the Nickle Numismatic Collection at the Univesrity of Calgary showcasing diverse forms of money used across the globe through time. From some of the earliest minted metals of the ancient world to Chinese knife money and African metalwork, from the Canadian Northwest Coast […]

VIRTUAL – Coinage of the Ancient Greek World

Drawing on the rich holdings of Nickle Galleries’ numismatic collections, Coinage of the Ancient Greek World traces the early history of coinage from its invention in the 7th century BCE through to coins minted by Alexander the Great. Curated by: Brittany DeMone, PhD and Marina Fischer, MA, Curator of Numismatics, Nickle Galleries, University of Calgary […]

WEBSITE: Prairie Interlace – Weavings, Modernism and the Expanded Frame, 1960-2000

Launched in early September 2022, Prairie Interlace: Weaving, Modernisms and the Expanded Frame, 1960-2000, is a rich website that complements and extends the exhibition. It features short essays introducing the exhibition’s aims and themes, information about the artists and stunning images of their works and the installation. Looking for the book?  Prairie Interlace: Weaving, Modernisms […]