Gallery tours and public programming recognize the power and impact of museums – UToday

May 16, 2022

Libraries and Cultural Resources celebrates International Museum Day May 18 at Founders’ and Nickle Galleries

Libraries and Cultural Resources Staff

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Nickle Galleries offers rare hands-on experiences and experiential learning through unique programming – UToday

April 14, 2022

The Nickle serves students, staff and the community to bring art, culture and history to life

Nickle Galleries Staff

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Sandra Sawatzky and The Age of Uncertainty – Calgary Arts Development/ Living a Creative Life

March 15, 2022

This city is bursting with creativity! Each month, Adora Nwofor sits down with some amazing Calgary creatives and gets a behind-the-scenes look at their process. In this week's episode, an old school art form gets an update. An artist finds herself in her paintings and then reviving a theatre collective to feed souls. Calgary Arts Development | Living a Creative Life Series (ep. 26)

Adora Nwofor

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On Art: Money Zoo at the Nickle Galleries – CKUA

March 1, 2022

CKUA’s Lisa Wilton recently spoke with Marina Fischer about the exhibition. Image: Ancient Greek octopus coin on Canadian beaver fur. From the Collections of Nickle Galleries. Photo: Brittany DeMone.

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Sandra Sawatzky Artist hand-stitches a 12-part compendium of contemporary anxieties – Galleries West

February 24, 2022

Although her practice consists of long days of slow, meticulous toil with output measured in years, even near-decades, Calgary artist Sandra Sawatzky is ultimately most concerned with the effects of acceleration. Image: Sandra Sawatzky, “Debt” (detail), 2021, embroidery, wool and silk on linen (photo by John Dean)

Zoltan Varadi

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Brian Flynn – Alberta Vignette – Galleries West

February 11, 2022

BRIAN FLYNN: NO PHOTOS… NO RECORDINGS… NO NOTES… Nickle Galleries, Calgary. To Apr 9 The sombre mood of Brian Flynn’s recent paintings expresses his partial and puzzled witness, as a child, to the Troubles in Northern Ireland. As an artist in middle age, he has expanded his understanding through research into his family history and guarded interviews with members of the resistance. Flynn employs oil paint and photo transfers in figurative works that obscure the identities of his subjects while suggesting the roles they may have played in the heavily occupied border town of Forkhill, County Armagh.

GW Staff

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The thread of uncertainty: Calgary artist addresses perils of the modern world with new exhibit – Calgary Herald

February 3, 2022

Eric Volmers of the Calgary Herald talks with artist Sandra Sawatzky about her new embroidered art work exploring “the stories that keep us awake at night.”

Eric Volmers

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The Age of Uncertainty – CBC Homestretch

February 2, 2022

CBC Allison Dempster interviews Sandra Sawatzky about her new exhibition, The Age of Uncertainty. Image: Sandra Sawatzky, Climate Change (detail), 2021. Photo: John Dean.

Allison Dempster

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The Age of Uncertainty – Artists and Climate Change

January 24, 2022

The Age of Uncertainty asks multiple unthinkable questions simultaneously: about money, war, corruption, over-consumption, climate change, exploitation of natural resources, artificial intelligence, and electronic surveillance.

Joan Sullivan

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Money Zoo exhibition explores historical use of animals as money and animals portrayed on money – UCalgary News

January 19, 2022

The new exhibition at Nickle Galleries, Money Zoo: Fantastic Beasts in the History of Money, highlights the importance of animals in the human world. Our link with natural creatures is timeless and enduring.

Nickle Galleries Staff

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