Calgary’s cultural leaders honoured with awards, Calgary Herald

November 4, 2022

'Age of Uncertainty' artist, Sandra Sawatzky, awarded 2022 Doug and Lois Mitchell Outstanding Calgary Artist Award. Age of Uncertainty ( launched at Nickle Galleries January 2022. Image: Sandra Sawatzky at her exhibition, The Age of Uncertainty, at Nickle Galleries in January 2022. Azin Ghaffari/Postmedia Photo by Azin Ghaffari /Azin Ghaffari/Postmedia

Michele Jarvie

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Prairie Interlace: Weaving, Modernisms and the Expanded Frame, 1960-2000, Preview Magazine

November 4, 2022

Image: Aganetha Dyck, Close Knit, 1976. SK Arts Permanent Collection, 2022-074. Photo: Lipman Still Pictures

Michael Turner

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From the Editor – October 4, 2022 Issue, Galleries West

October 4, 2022

Our attention was captured by a landmark exhibition, Prairie Interlace, at the University of Calgary’s Nickle Galleries. It explores the history of fabric art, mainly weaving, on the Prairies between 1960 and 2000. As reviewer Lissa Robinson says, the work is “simultaneously beautiful, clever and purposeful.”

Portia Priegert

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Prairie Interlace Modernism provoked an explosion of innovative weaving in Western Canada, Galleries West

September 29, 2022

Radical acts of weaving, stitching and unravelling are the focus of an ambitious new exhibition, Prairie Interlace: Weaving, Modernisms and the Expanded Frame, 1960-2000, on view until Dec. 17 at Nickle Galleries in Calgary.

Lissa Robinson

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Adrian Stimson creates art rooted in cultural traditions as a way of reckoning with residential school past, UToday

September 28, 2022

Anthro-Obscene art exhibition explores human impact on people, climate and ecosystems

Nicola Johnson

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Nickle Galleries exhibit highlights ‘explosion’ of innovative textile arts in the Prairies, Calgary Herald

September 27, 2022

The more we talked about it, the more we realized that some fantastic art had been created across the Prairies during this time period but has not been written about or examined in any great depth.

Eric Volmers

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Campus culture essentials, Gauntlet

September 21, 2022

Visit the Nickle Galleries Many people walk by this place on their way to a solo study session or group meeting in TFDL. The Nickle Galleries is located on the first floor of TFDL on the South side of the building. This gallery is free for students and each exhibit has its own timeline but usually lasts the semester. If you’ve been meaning to go see some art but don’t have the time or money, the Nickle Galleries is easily accessible and you can check out what’s on by visiting their website here.

Mackenzie Ashcroft

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Exhibition explores intersecting histories of art, craft, feminism and textiles, UToday

September 12, 2022

Prairie Interlace: Weaving, Modernisms and the Expanded Frame, 1960 – 2000 is an ambitious exhibition project that opened Sept. 9 in Nickle Galleries, a part of Libraries and Cultural Resources at UCalgary.

Nickle Galleries Staff

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Celebrate Calgary Stampede 2022 with UCalgary – UToday

June 30, 2022

Discounted tickets, Stampede parade, President’s Stampede Barbecue, trivia, Ag-tivity in the City, historic photos, and more!

Robert Scriver, Morning Warm Up (photo: Dave Brown)

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Money Zoo is a MUST-SEE Exhibition – Alberta Review

June 10, 2022

Money Zoo: Fantastic Beasts in the History of Money Nickle Galleries, Calgary, until July 29 Elephants, lions and octopi-animals adorn ancient coins in this exhibition from Nickle Galleries' Numismatic Collection. Examining the special relationship between humans and animals through the lens of currency, Money Zoo discusses how the use of animals as trade items or imagery on currency reveal their cultural significance and value to a society-for example, beaver pelts were a highly valued item during the fur trade and were later adopted for use on Canadian coinage.

Staff writer

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