Governor General award highlights multi-faceted aspect of Métis artist,

April 11, 2023

“Sometimes you want to be among your own. We’re working things out. I call this ‘irreconcilable spaces of Indigeneity’… You’re not always explaining everything. You’re getting on with it.” —David Garneau

Shari Narine

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University of Calgary champions art and culture through campus museum , UToday

March 22, 2023

Nickle Galleries’ free programming connects visitors with artists for a transformative learning experience

Libraries and Cultural Resources Staff

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Calgary club, museum partner for symposium, Canadian Coin News

March 15, 2023

The University of Calgary’s Nickle Galleries has teamed up with the local Calgary Numismatic Society for a free two-day symposium, “Power, Identity and Alexander the Great.”

Staff writer

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After Holbein Turkish carpets woven with fascinating yet ambiguous histories, Galleries West

February 23, 2023

Renaissance paintings often show grand interiors with lavish furnishings, sometimes including beautifully patterned Turkish carpets. While few carpets survive from that era, historians can study them in paintings by artists like Hans Holbein the Younger. The German-born 16th-century artist popularized the ornate carpets, desirable symbols of wealth and power in Europe. Some styles are even known as “Holbein carpets.”

Shazia Hafiz Ramji

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Prairie Interlace: Weaving, Modernisms and the Expanded Frame, 1960-2000, Selvedge Issue III

February 15, 2023

Calgary based artist Barbara Sutherland reviews Prairie Interlace: Weaving, Modernims and the Expanded Frame at Nickle Galleries.

Barbara Sutherland

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The painter with the pen: UCalgary alum claims Métis space in the art world, UToday

January 31, 2023

New Nickle Galleries exhibition highlights David Garneau’s remarkable expression of ideas and history

Nicola Johnson

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Prairie Interlace: An Exhibition of 20th Century Canadian Textile Art, Digits & Threads

January 11, 2023

“Some of these works haven’t been seen for decades.” So says Dr. Michele Hardy, curator of Prairie Interlace, an exhibition partnership between Nickle Galleries at the University of Calgary and MacKenzie Art Gallery in Regina.

Tara Klager

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Art to See in 2023 A sneak peek at upcoming shows across the country, Galleries West

December 26, 2022

In a survey exhibition at Calgary’s Nickle Galleries, David Garneau documents his Métis heritage and his struggle to shape a contemporary Métis identity. His paintings, video and works in other media focus on the Métis resistances of 1870 and 1885, which impacted the lives of his great-great-grandparents, Laurent and Eleanor, whose name is reflected in Edmonton’s Garneau district. The exhibition by the Regina-based artist runs from Feb. 2 to April 22.

Paul Gessell

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Nickle Galleries’ fall exhibition features Prairie Interlace and Adrian Stimson, Gauntlet

November 18, 2022

The university library is home to many resources, including the campus culture essential, the Nickle Galleries.

Eula Mengullo

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How a Swiss Startup in the 1960s Led to Some of the Canadian Prairies’ Most Innovative Art, Arch Magazine

November 8, 2022

It’s a tale of immigration, experimental textiles and a love affair with the landscape. Image: Kaija Sanelma Harris. Sun Ascending, c. 1985 (selection). Collection of the Mackenzie Art Gallery, gift of Cadillac Fairview Corporation Ltd., 2014-12

Nicola Johnson

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