Chris Cran empties his vault — mostly — for new career-spanning exhibition at Nickle Galleries

After working as an artist for nearly 50 years, your storage gets pretty tight.


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Exhibition on Indigenous Archival Project on display at Nickle Galleries

Artist encourages feedback on exhibited photographs and captions, continuing the search for information

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CBC Calgary News at 11 October 10, 2019

Paul Seesequasis. Turning the Lens: Indigenous Archive Project (Coverage starts at 28:03).


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Archive photo exhibit captures Indigenous strength, connections in difficult times

It’s not a sad story but more of a tribute, says curator Paul Seesequasis

David Bell

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New exhibition at Nickle Galleries explores boundaries in art

Everywhere We Are

Dave Brown, LCR Photo Services, University of Calgary

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“Portals to the Past”: Numismatics at Nickle Galleries

Interview with Marina Fischer, Collection Specialist, Numismatics, Nickle Galleries

courtesy Nickle Galleries

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How Katie Ohe Set Alberta Sculpture in Motion

If the video and these photos from the Esker feel weirdly familiar but not, it’s likely because you’ve seen several of the 100+ pieces that were, until very recently, on display but are now locked away.

Photo by Elyse Bouvier

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Recent reviews

Nickle Galleries can be counted on to present high quality, thought provoking work from contemporary artists. I had wanted to see the Diana Thorneycroft exhibit, but was very impressed with all the other works I was able to see on the way to her material. If you love contemporary art, this is a must see location! February 2020


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