Robin Arseneault’s visual language takes many forms. With ONLOOKERS, she explores found material, fabricates objects and constructs images. She pays close attention to material qualities and formal aspects, with drawing always at the heart of the process.  A sense of myth, magic and loss seeps into this recent work. Archeological findings, shells and historic photographs evoke mythmaking, shrines and altars. Here you find, “the onlookers stare at you as you muddle through life, trying to make sense of it.”

Robin Arseneault is a Calgary-based artist who’s practice includes installation, drawing, sculpture, and artist-books.  She is a graduate of the Edinburgh College of Art (MFA) and Alberta College of Art (BA) and has exhibited widely. Her art work is represented in both public and private collections across Western Canada including the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

ONLOOKERS is presented within Series, an ongoing Nickle Galleries program and is guest curated by Katherine Ylitalo.