31 May through 16 August, 2019

Curated by Christine Sowiak from the Collections of Nickle Galleries

During the summer of 2019, Nickle Galleries will hold three concurrent exhibitions featuring the collections of Nickle Galleries. Money and Calgary: The City’s History of Numismatics features the museum’s outstanding numismatics collection, while Closer Look (in the upper galleries) and Recall (main floor gallery) are formed from the collection of art. The latter two shows concentrate on new and recent acquisitions – specifically as they relate or connect with works that have been held in the collection for some time, responding to storylines already held in the vaults.

Recall: Recent Acquisitions and their New Context gives the space to understand that every work of art is created from a complex myriad of ideas, sources and histories. They are a direct reflection of the artist’s practice – his or her concerns, research, aesthetics and their larger body of work. Whether they hold self-contained narratives, refer to knowledge from history or other disciplines, or reflect an ongoing tangent within the larger artworld (such as abstract painting, for example), works of art offer conversations to us. When works enter a collection, be it a private collection or a public one such as the Nickle’s, they bump against other works in such ways that their meanings can be amplified by contextualisation.

Nickle Galleries is grateful to all donors to our collections and specifically those who have contributed to Recall including Yves Trépanier and Cheryl Gottselig, Phillip McCoy, DaveandJenn, the Estate of Jack Sures, Maurice Yacowar and Ann Petrie, Nicolas Roukes, Jude Griebel, William and Sydney Pieschel, Walter May, Chris Bain and Carley Kastelic, Katie Ohe, Lylian Klimek, the Estate of Luke Lindoe. Nickle Galleries also deeply appreciates the work of the artists Greg Payce, Martin Bennett, John Hall, DaveandJenn, Jack Sures, Jeff de Boer, Nicola Roukes, Jude Griebel, David Urban, Walter May, Bill MacDonnell, Mackenzie Kelly-Frère, Harry Savage, Katie Ohe, Lylian Klimek, Luke Lindoe, and Marion Nicoll.