MIND THE GAP is the 2017 Department of Art graduating exhibition organized and curated by students participating in the Honors Program. It presents a variety of artistic works that these students have produced over the course of the year. The curricular programme places a great focus on the studio experience where academic theory is applied along with real world praxis. An accompanying undergraduate thesis is also a major supporting element in encouraging a professional environment and an academic foundation. The four artists participating in this exhibition are all unified under the title and in turn the overarching thematic, which can be distilled to the GAP, one which we can refer to as “the in between”, “the transition”, and even a physical gap. Indeed, everywhere we look there exists these spaces of limbo, where an ineffable loss is felt but not fully registered. MIND THE GAP is an attempt to decode these complexities and in turn engage with not just public voices but an earnest look within.