At Nickle Galleries:

Novem, Claudia Chagoya (August 9 – September 21)

Unspoken Incantation, Kun Chen (August 9 – September 21)

Anthropneuma, Joel Matthew Warkentin (August 9 – September 21)


At the Taylor Institute Gallery

A Part of the Whole, Gerry Straathof (August 9 – September 21)


At the Little Gallery (AB604)

The Saprotrophic Body, Eve Provost Chartrand (August 80- August 30)

Modulating Metacognition, Devin Niswonder (June 10-June 27)


At the Sheldon M. Chumir Centre

Bacterial Landscapes, Eve Provost Chartrand (August 5 – September 27).


Organized by the MFA Graduate Students with support from the Department of Art, University of Calgary.