Curated by Christine Sowiak from the collection of Nickle Galleries


During the summer of 2019, Nickle Galleries will hold three concurrent exhibitions featuring the collections of Nickle Galleries. Money and Calgary: The City’s History of Numismatics features the museum’s outstanding numismatics collection, while Closer Look (in the upper galleries) and Recall (main floor gallery) are formed from the collection of art. The latter two shows concentrate on new and recent acquisitions – specifically as they relate or connect with works that have been held in the collection for some time, responding to storylines already held in the vaults.


Closer Look: Investigating the Every Day brings together works that spring from the quotidian – the objects, environments and cultural surroundings that we fail to see because they are so integrated into our daily existence. Construction and urban renewal, garbage and newspapers, rap music and firearms. The artists included take a closer look at the everyday and ask – why are things as they are?


Nickle Galleries is grateful to all donor to our collections, and specifically those who have contributed to Closer Look, and to the artists Vera Frenkel, Micah Lexier, Johnny Manning, Jamasie Pitseolak, Johnnysa Mathewsie, Laura Vickerson, Sylvat Aziz, Jamelie Hassan, Dominique Blain, Rita McKeough, Roy Kiyooka, Arthur Nishimura, and Alexander Caldwell.