In this presentation session, students from Art 465: Wearable Design for Mental Health will showcase wearable designs they have researched and constructed to aid in mental health in addition to key-artifacts from their creative process.  After each short presentation of their work, attendees are welcome to ask questions about the student’s research and design process.

More about The Course:

This course will utilizes introductory electronics media used and programmed at home to support students in designing fully functional garments and wearable apparatuses to aid in mental health. Emphasizing interdisciplinary approaches to process and problem-solving, this course will weaves theory and methods from art, design, psychology, physiology, make-fashion, wearable tech, engineering and entrepreneurialism.  Through research, experimentation, design and analysis, this course emphasizes the process inherent in creative design thinking, and material production. Students worked closely with graduate students, artists, and scholars in the field to assist with technical skills and theoretical approaches. Instructor:  Tia Halliday, Department of Art.

Free online event.  Register for access codes through Eventbrite.

“Ideation Sketch of Design Modification for the Samsung Blind Cap” by Anna Bilik, Art 465: Wearable Design for Mental Health.