Tour – Textile Vault Tour – Persian Vagireh (Samplers)

Tour – Textile Vault Tour – Persian Vagireh (Samplers)

November 27, 2023

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In early 2023, Nickle Galleries was about to locate and acquire a number of Persian vagireh, enhancing its current holdings.  These remarkable textiles are thought to be samples– possibly practice pieces by new weavers or samples used in commerce.  They speak to the processes of weaving as well as the sharing of designs and ideas.  Join curator, Michele Hardy for a close-up and behind-the-scenes look and discussion about these unusual textile artifacts.

Space is limited, free with registration.

Everyone welcome!
Bijar Vaq-vaq Vagireh (sampler), late 19th Century. Photo: Andy Nichols, LCR PhotoServices, Nickle Galleries.