Reflections on a Graduate Practicum Experience in Roman and Byzantine Numismatics

Scott Coleman reflects on his graduate practicum experiences and the knowledge gained working with the Nickle Galleries’ Roman and Byzantine coin collections. He discusses the unexpected outcomes produced by the practicum that has led him to begin re-examining how museums present and represent Roman and Byzantine identity in coin exhibitions.

Scott Coleman is a second year MA student whose current research focuses on the functionality and identity of the fortified settlement in north-central Anatolia, Turkey, named Çadır Höyük. His thesis explores the complex relationships that archaeological material culture and historical evidence can provide about the settlement’s possible identity, functionality and purpose on a local and region scale.

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Gold Solidus of Emperor Heraclius, 613-638, Byzantine Empire. NG.1990.4.70. Nickle Galleries, UCalgary. Photo: Scott Coleman.


Silver Denarius of Empress Faustina the Elder, 141-161, Roman Empire. NG.1990.3.79. Nickle Galleries, UCalgary. Photo: Scott Coleman.


Gold Aureus of Emperor Antonius Pius, 145, Roman Empire. : NG.1991.1.18. Nickle Galleries, UCalgary. Digital montage by Scott Coleman.