Ryan Von Hagen: For the Love of Animation!

Ryan Von Hagen: For the Love of Animation!

October 20, 2022 12:00 pm

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For the Love of Animation! An Insider’s view on Calgary’s vibrant animation scene and upcoming festival.

Ryan Von Hagen is Artistic Director of Calgary’s Quickdraw Animation Society (QAS) and a strong advocate for media arts and all the amazing forms it can take. For his Nickle at Noon presentation Ryan will give an overview of the Society’s history, share information on classes for adults and youth, and screen selected award-winning festival clips made by members.

As a lead-up to the November GIRAF Festival of Independent Animation, audiences will learn about some of this year’s most astounding, inventive, beautiful, mind-altering and unexpected animated films. Behind the festival and at the core of the society is a commitment to art and experimentation, making images move in wonderful ways to tell new stories.

Ryan Von Hagen has taught animation since 2012 and programmed the GIRAF Festival of Independent animation since 2016. He has a keen eye for the history of animation and the ever-evolving contemporary animation rip-tides, with a love of the unique equipment at the QAS Studios.

As Artistic Director Ryan is a passionate ambassador for Quickdraw Animation Society, Calgary’s home for independent animation for over 38 years. Ryan and the QAS help steer this non-for-profit, member-driven, charity, dedicated to the art of animation, for the benefit of artists and audiences alike.

This event is offered live in-person and over ZOOM.

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