N@N – Ruth Scheuing – Sirens, Harpies and Other Flying Women

N@N – Ruth Scheuing – Sirens, Harpies and Other Flying Women

October 27, 2022 12:00 pm

Event Details

‘Ruth Scheuing will present an updated look at Arachne and other mythic stories of Sirens, Harpies and other flying women, influenced by recent books published on Greek Mythology, research and stories of balloonists and my explorations with Jacquard weaving.’

Ruth Scheuing explores how textiles communicate through patterns and stories and has been involved in digital Jacquard weaving since 1997. She is part or (TAD) The Textile Arts Department, together with May Lou Trinkwon, located at makerlabs in Vancouver and taught Textile Arts at Capilano U from 1994-2014.
Recent exhibitions + projects include: Ancient Women in Textiles 2019 and Women’s Work 2018 at the Italian Culture Center in Vancouver and Connecting Threads at the Surrey Art Gallery 2018, ‘Silkroads’, a tech-lab residency at the Surrey Art Gallery, ‘Andante’ at Richmond Art Gallery and ‘Dreamland: Textile and the Canadian Landscape’, organized as a touring exhibitions by the Textile Museum of Canada 2012-14. She has published various essays, reviews and conference proceedings and has been an active member of TSA (Textile Society of America) and received the Mayor’s Award in 2010 and the Chalmers Award in Crafts in 1996.

This event is offered over ZOOM. You are welcome to gather at the Nickle for a group-watch or participate remotely.

Meeting ID: 949 2548 5218
Passcode: Nickle

Everyone welcome

Ruth Scheuing
Ruth Scheuing, Sophie Blanchard, Aeronaut, 2022, Jacquard weaving. Image courtesy the artist.

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