N@N – Krista Edmunds: HerStory: Women, Money, and Bitcoin

N@N – Krista Edmunds: HerStory: Women, Money, and Bitcoin

December 7, 2023 12:00 pm

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Join us for an inspiring talk titled “HerStory: Women, Money, and Bitcoin,” featuring Krista Edmunds, the founder of Access Tribe, which is working to onboard more women into the Bitcoin space. She will take you on a captivating journey through women’s relationship with money throughout history, exploring their challenges in gaining financial independence, and showcasing how Bitcoin is shaping a different narrative for the future.

Krista Edmunds is a professional with over two decades of expertise in financial markets and innovation, and a dedicated advocate for women’s empowerment in the world of technology. Her passion for Bitcoin, a transformative monetary technology with immense potential to benefit humanity, has led her to launch her own Bitcoin education company to encourage and support the participation of women in this dynamic space. Throughout her career, Krista has held key positions at Barclays, including Head of US Business Innovation Partners and US Accelerator Program Manager, Director at Barclays Ventures, the Group Technology and Innovation Office and the Fixed Income Markets Credit eDistribution business. These roles have demonstrated her ability to foster innovation and engagement across various industries and international markets, as well as expertly manage global projects and diverse international teams.

Krista earned a BA in Italian and Management Studies from Royal Holloway University of London and is proficient in both Italian and English. In addition, she holds numerous certifications in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and financial markets, which attest to her in-depth knowledge and expertise in these fields. As a Certified Blockchain Expert through the Blockchain Council, Krista has also completed the Fundamentals of Bitcoin and Crypto course by Anthony Pompliano and the Crypto Academy.

Presented in person in the Gallery Hall, ground floor Taylor Family Digital Library, University of Calgary

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