N@N – Eveline Kolijn: Printmaking in the Anthropocene

N@N – Eveline Kolijn: Printmaking in the Anthropocene

October 12, 2023 12:00 pm

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Can Art Change Attitudues Toward Climate Change?

What does it mean to be an artist in the Anthropocene? Climate change resided in the periphery of contemporary art until the introduction of the “Anthropocene”; a concept quickly adopted by the arts and humanities. I shall explore how my art practice and contemporary printmaking fit into this debate, as well as the topic of art and climate justice: Can art change attitudes toward climate change?

Eveline Kolijn is a printmaker and installation artist living and working in Calgary. She spent her childhood beachcombing the shores of Venezuela and in her teens, scuba diving in the Caribbean. These experiences influenced her development as an artist and interest in the connections between art, science, environmental awareness, and climate change. Eveline received an MA in cultural anthropology from Leiden University in the Netherlands in 1986 and a BFA from the Alberta College of Art+ Design in 2008, including the Governor General’s Award for academic achievement. She has participated in national and international exhibitions and residencies, public art projects and community engagement. She has been published in various scientific publications. In 2019, she received the AUArts Alumni Legacy Award. She joined Alberta’s Energy Futures Lab as a Fellow in 2018 and has moved on to be an Ambassador for the Lab. She is using the arts and her Fellowship experience to promote energy literacy, awareness, and discussion on a just energy transition.

Presented in person in the Gallery Hall, ground floor Taylor Family Digital Library, University of Calgary

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Eveline Kolijn, Still from The Ocean Inside – Video on printed veil, Image courtesy the artist.