Join Barbara Amos to talk about art as a transformative experience that shifts perception and creates change.  This presentation will highlight projects from around the globe where artists have brought their creativity to issues of concern and communities in distress. She will outline an artists’ personal journey to the intersection of art and advocacy.

Come be inspired by how artists can channel creativity to address issues, make us laugh, restore our balance and move us forward.

Barbara Amos is a visual artist who has been involved with regional, national and international art projects and collaborative events. She has worked in diverse materials including steel, photography, video and paint, creating projects for specific locations and communities. She graduated from the University of Waterloo and has maintained an active studio practice for over 25 years.


Barbara Amos, Stone Bird  2017, Temporal Drawing  20×30 inches  (and larger) documented with a Nikon D700 Camera Archival Ink  on Hahnemuehle (100% cotton rag) paper.

This image was taken as the smoke from the Kenow fire in Waterton was moving closer and the air had gone silent.  The birds are the first to leave.
Barbara Amos, Stone Bird, 2017. Temporal Drawing 20×30 inches (and larger) documented with a Nikon D700 Camera
Archival Ink on Hahnemuehle (100% cotton rag) paper.
Barbara Amos