As we say goodbye to the 2019 Exposure Photography Festival, Dona Schwartz will reflect upon a much used verb in its various forms: “to curate” (along with “curator” and “curation”). She notes:

In March of 2018 I was invited to co-curate a photography exhibition at the Founders’ Gallery to run during the 2019 festival. “That could be fun,” I thought. Months later I have gained new insight into what curators do and I have had the opportunity to reflect upon contexts in which the term “to curate” may be usefully applied. How do exhibitions come into existence? How is curating related to selections, collections, and points of view? Can one curate anything and everything? From fences to gallery walls, this accidental curator discusses a range of Exposure curatorial exploits and the insights they have generated.

Dona Schwartz is a photographic artist and Professor in the Department of Art.  President of the Calgary/Banff Photography Festival Society, she organized the 2019 Exposure Photography Festival.

Gallery Hall, TFDL

12 – 1pm

Free, everyone welcome.

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Images from ‘Walled Off”