Aaron Sidorenko is a fulltime Calgary-based painter and curator with an extraordinary practice.  He studied at the Alberta University for the Arts and the New York Academy of Arts and is the recipient of numerous awards including the 2015 ATB Financial ‘Healing Through the Arts Award’ from the City of Calgary.

Aaron is the founder of the Peoples Portrait Prize, a community and figurative celebration that features the work of Calgary artists who work with the figure.

He is represented by Paul Kuhn Gallery and has shown widely.  His work is represented in both public and private collections.  His painting is monumental in scale, rich in texture and deeply compelling.

In a 2016 interview, Aaron noted

“Painting isn’t work or play for me, it’s a third, undefined, just as equal part of my life. Society does not need art, we need food and shelter, but we exist with meaning when we have art. I drew, I started painting at ACAD, and I think that painting is putting it all there and digging out of problems”  (https://www.auarts.ca/alumni/meet-our-alumni/alumni-profile/aaron-sidorenko, accessed March 14, 2021).

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Aaron Sidorenko, Old School Selfie, 2016, Oil and acrylic on canvas. Photo courtesy the artist.