The Canadian Prayer Rug is the result of a socially engaged community art project undertaken by members of The Green Room, a youth program which operates under Islamic Family and Social Services Association (IFSSA).

The project was inspired by the stories around Canada’s oldest mosque, the Al-Rashid, in Edmonton, and the Syrian, Lebanese, Ukrainian and Indigenous pioneers who helped build, preserve, and protect the mosque.

A local Metis designer worked alongside a local Muslim weaver to craft and create a rug that symbolized Alberta and spoke to the province’s natural and communal landscape.  Materials from a local wool mill were used, including wool that had been hand-dyed with plants that are native to the region.

Omar Yaqub, board member of the IFSSA, will discuss the project and how The Canadian Prayer Rug relates to Alberta’s history and Canadian-Muslim identity in Canada today.

The talk will be accompanied by an oud performance by U of C Post Doc student, Mehdi Pouragha, and selections from Nickle Galleries’ collection of antique prayer rugs..

Organized by Nickle Galleries and the Faith & Spirituality Centre for Diversity Days.  See the recent UToday Story!


11:30 – 1:30pm (NB special time!)

Free, everyone welcome.

Gallery Hall, TFDL

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The Canadian Prayer Rug (Photo: Sanjit Bakshi).