UCalgary Cont Ed – Private Tour: Alexander the Great and the Birth of Portraiture

Saturday, April 15 - 9:30 AM

This exhibition explores the art and life of Alexander the Great and the friends and generals who succeeded after his death. As seen on magnificent ancient coins, their portraits show unprecedented realistic representations of the human likeness for the first time in history. Depicting people about whom we know so little, the coins are masterpieces of Hellenistic art and function as a self-study that helps us better understand our own human nature.

The show draws on the rich holdings of the Nickle Numismatic Collection, the largest and most important academic coin collection in Canada.

Learn and have fun with a short lecture, in-depth tour of the exhibit and a private tour of the vault.

Time: 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Course Details

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain a general knowledge of ancient coins
  • Define the Hellenistic Age
  • Discuss Alexander the Great and portraiture
  • Identify proper numismatics terminology
  • Enjoy a private tour of the exhibit

This program is organized by UCalgary Continuing Education.  Pre-registration is required.

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