Please note this event will be held February 11th, from 12:00 to 1:00.

Shelley Ruth Butler will talk about her “Curatorial Dreaming” experiments with museum professionals, students, and researchers, focusing on recent workshops and teaching in the context of the pandemic.

Shelley Ruth Butler (PhD York University) is a cultural anthropologist and award-winning teacher at McGill University, Shelley Ruth Butler’s researches critical museology and heritage. She is co-editor of Curatorial Dreams: Critics Imagine Exhibitions (2016) and regularly offers Curatorial Dreaming workshops to museum professionals, researchers and students (www.curatorialdreams.com). Butler is also the author of the widely taught museum ethnography Contested Representations: Revisiting Into the Heart of Africa (1999) examining a controversial exhibition at the Royal Ontario Museum.

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Shelley Ruth Butler