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The main floor of Nickle Galleries is approximately 7,500 square feet and consists of one large exhibition space. The upper galleries consist of two nearly equal galleries totaling approximately 4,500 square feet, with an additional fifty foot long mezzanine wall. Nickle Galleries has a MILA portable wall system available to change up the floorplan, adding rooms and divisions as necessary for display.

Main Floor


Collections Housing


Nickle Galleries' numismatics collection is stored in a state-of-the-art vault protected by several layers of security. The coins and artifacts from this collection are made accessible to the public through rotating exhibitions and by appointment with the curator, for study in the numismatics research room.


The Jean and Marie Erikson Collection of rugs and the other items of our textile collection are securely housed on-site at the TFDL and are made available through rotating exhibitions and accessible storage (by appointment with the curator).


Nickle Galleries' art collection, consisting of many forms of media, is held in secure storage onsite at the Taylor Family Digital Library (TFDL) and offsite at the High Density Library (HDL). Storage location depends on size and bulk and availability for upcoming exhibitions.

Environmental Controls

All exhibition, holding and preparation areas are controlled with respect to temperature and relative humidity. The following standards are maintained:

Temperature: 20 degrees C plus or minus 2%
Relative Humidity: 50% RH (summer) 35% RH (winter) + or - 2% RH

Temperature and humidity are constantly monitored and other aspects of air quality are monitored on a regular basis. Equipment is also upgraded on a regular basis.

Security and Fire Prevention

Nickle Galleries is equipped with a state of the art, interlocking, multidimensional security system, which is monitored 24 hours a day by Campus Security. The University Campus Security force is the first response in the event of an emergency. Their dispatch center is directly across the Quad (greenspace) from the museum, allowing for a very rapid response time.

The campus-wide outdoor closed circuit television system allows Campus Security to monitor the exterior of the museum on a 24 hour basis as well.
During regular opening hours, the museum staff provides exhibition security. In-house security procedures and regulations are in place during operating hours and vary according to the needs of the individual exhibitions. Additional security personnel can be hired when necessary.

Surveillance cameras have been permanently installed in the museum and additional cameras can be added on either a permanent or a temporary basis. The closed circuit television system includes constant digital recording.

The fire control system uses a combination of smoke and heat detectors, and a building-wide sprinkler system. The sprinkler system in the gallery and storage spaces of Nickle Galleries is a dry system. This reduces leaks of water as a source of damage to collections.

There is a fire hall located less than 1 km from the museum.

The Lighting Systems

In the Main Gallery, fixtures are theatre-grade, ellipsoidal reflector spotlights hung from a rigid pipe grid and controlled through a lighting console. Light levels can be varied through use of the console. Numerous areas of the galleries can be isolated and, with enough lead time, any level of illumination can be achieved in each gallery independently.

In the Mezzanine Galleries, fixtures are halogen type incandescent spots and floods hung from a rigid pipe grid and controlled through a lighting console. Light levels can be varied through use of the console.

Light levels in all galleries are maintained in accordance with standard Canadian conservation practices as outlined by The Canadian Conservation Institute or in accordance with the instructions provided by the source of the exhibition. Light levels directed at the artwork or artifact are varied as necessary for the conservation of the work.

Shipping, Receiving and Exhibition Preparation

The museum is equipped with a trailer level loading area, at four feet from ground level, with a forklift available for heavy objects. Loading, preparation and holding areas are humidity and temperature controlled. Our two highly experienced preparators also handle shipping and receiving. Standard museum handling practices are followed.

A wide variety of display techniques are used. Our staff regularly attend seminars and training sessions on exhibition design and display construction. Many different display units are available in house, with the capacity to construct to specifications as needed.

MUSEO (the Gift Shop)

MUSEO offers exhibition catalogues as well as unique gift items.
If you are searching for a catalogue from a previous exhibition done by Nickle Galleries
(or The Nickle Arts Museum), MUSEO is the place to find it.
The shop is open during regular museum hours.


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Upcoming Events

The Writing on the Wall: Works of Dr. Joane Cardinal-Schubert, RCA
Date & Time:
September 21, 2017 - 5:00 pm to September 21, 2017 - 8:00 pm